Where are we at
with consultation?

2018 has seen good progress on the East Village project with a recent announcement by the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) confirming a site is being sought within the precinct for a McKinnon Secondary College campus.


Enquiries regarding the school site should be directed to the VSBA. Please feel free to call 1800 896 950 or email vsba@edumail.vic.gov.au.

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) continues to work with Council to prepare the draft East Village plan for public exhibition.

The property owners are working with the VPA and other stakeholders to provide the required information and support to progress to the public plan exhibition phase.

Consultation steps for East Village during 2016

  • 1. Get to know the site: COMPLETED

    On this website you will find background on the current industrial and commercial uses at the precinct as well as planning overlays, regional considerations and changing demographics.

    We have also proposed for community feedback some initial design principles to be considered as the masterplan is developed. This phase is expected to run until the end of February 2016.


This phase, which ran from December 2015 to the end of February 2016, comprised of:


• Engagement with interested stakeholders
• Launch of this website and a Facebook page
• Community drop-in sessions at Virginia Park
• Promotion of the website and community drop-ins in local newspapers.


A number of preliminary design principles to possibly apply to the masterplan were presented during this phase and were expanded as feedback was received. A detailed list of feedback received can be viewed here.


In summary:

  • Residential needs was one of the most common themes to be raised, with a number of people highlighting the need for aged care facilities and housing for retirees
  • The need for adequate parking and good traffic flow is also of high importance to the community and a number of specific suggestions were made around this. Suggestions around public transport services were also made
  • There was general encouragement of the need for good recreational areas, and the importance of schools and education facilities was also highlighted as an area of priority
  • The issue of building height was raised with low-medium rise buildings most often mentioned as the best fit for the area as long as there was a transition to this with surrounding areas
  • There were a range of views about the impact of the development on retail and employment, with some feedback highlighting the potential for job creation, while others were concerned about the impact that new retail businesses could have on existing businesses in the area.
  • 2. Future design principles: COMPLETED

    Based on community and stakeholder feedback a set of draft design principles for the masterplan and the rationale for these were released for community input.  This consultation phase ran from mid-March to mid-April 2016 and included the release of a set of draft design principles.


    Read about the feedback from phase 2 and the design principles which will be taken into development concepts for the East Village precinct.


  • 3. Design concepts: COMPLETED

    Phase 3 of community consultation on the development of the 20-year masterplan for East Village commenced in May 2016 with the release of six draft design concepts for the precinct. Community comment was sought on the concepts until the end of July 2016.


    The six preliminary design concepts are:


    1. Site accessibility for vehicles and managing car parking.
    2. Connecting communities through green spaces and public uses.
    3. Management of interfaces and transitions.
    4. Creating a community heart for a mixed use precinct.
    5. Developing a sustainable 21st century employment hub.
    6. Diverse residential uses as a transition to the wider community.


    A full pack of the design concepts can be found here.


The owners of East Village held two community drop-in sessions in June. To find out what was said at the drop-in sessions, you can download the Summary of feedback from phase 3 as well as the information pamphlet that was distributed.


  • 4. Draft masterplan: COMPLETED

    On 21 November 2016 the owners of East Village released a draft 20 year masterplan for the revitalisation of the Bentleigh East industrial precinct for community input.


    In the lead up to the release, a series of Masterplan Element papers were issued to keep the community up to date with the current thinking forming the masterplan.


    Each Elements document incorporated feedback received in earlier consultation phases and provided the latest thinking forming the masterplan.


    Masterplan Elements #1: Aged Care & Retirement Living
    Masterplan Elements #2: Open Space
    Masterplan Elements #3: Employment, Innovation Precinct & Retail
    Masterplan Elements #4: Housing Diversity
    Masterplan Elements #5: ESD
    Masterplan Elements #6: Community and Education
    Masterplan Elements #7: Zoning


    The draft 20-year masterplan was open for comment throughout November and most of December 2016.  Two community drop-in sessions and a community forum were held for the community to ask questions and have their say.

    In February 2017 the Glen Eira City Council endorsed a partnership with the Victorian Planning Authority to assist Council officers in assessing and preparing a Structure Plan for the East Village precinct.

    The Council also endorsed the start of Council led community engagement to inform the future direction of the East Village precinct, including engagement as part of, not just following, the development of the draft structure plan.


Why are we taking
this approach?

In 2014, a planning scheme amendment was proposed by the owners of Virginia Park Business Centre to allow for a wider range of land uses on their site. The proposed amendment received a significant level of local concern. The progression of the amendment to a Planning Panel review was rejected by Council in July 2015 effectively terminating the proposal.

The amendment sought to extend the Commercial 1 zone across the site (rather than a combination of that zone and Commercial 2). The amendment also sought to vary the Development Plan Overlay for the site (DPO schedule 2) to facilitate a mix of uses, including residential uses. The amendment did not seek to change any building heights already applicable to the site.

Feedback on the withdrawn proposal included:

  • The fit of the proposal was perceived to be at odds with the existing Development Plan Overlay and Glen Eira Planning Scheme, which identified the site as an employment hub
  • There was a lack of certainty about what the community was getting with the proposed amendments with confusion around the number of residential dwellings on the site
  • Public transport issues needed to be better considered along with the possible impact of the retail proposal on local traders
  • Increased traffic in and around the precinct due to the level of development proposed
  • Increased consideration to open space and amenity needed to occur
  • Overall there was a lack of community consultation, and integrity around this, and no demonstration that views of the community were taken on board
  • There is a need to consider the precinct in its entirety, inclusive of the land to the north of Virginia Park and not this site on its own.