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  • resident2017-08-25 10:49:30

    I am a resident live within 1km distance. I strongly agree that we need a secondary school and a library for the children. Also a supermarket will be a big plus for the area. The bus 822 in the area is not as frequent, and commuting to city or a train station by public transportation is a nightmare. Hopefully this can be improved as well.

  • Jenny2017-07-05 22:00:33

    I have missed the consultation meeting in May and would like to suggest to build a library in East Village. Most residents are having school aged children. We should set a vision for next 20 years to build an education village which promotes an education environment because we have a very good public school (Mckinnon Secondary School) and also we have various good sports facilities. All existing facilities are making this area outstanding because of the theme of education. If we enhance this theme, the villiage will be distinguish from other surburbs. Keep this area as a quite paradise of a community of raising an educational generations with a sense of harmony. Hustle and bustle belongs to city not the surburb.

  • Kelly2017-05-25 13:00:49

    I certainly prefer to have a supermarket there, Coles or Woolworth. We don't need any apartment please!!! Keep it for commercial, more shops or restaurant wold be really good. A recreation facility for kids would also be good.

  • local2017-05-25 09:05:23

    Contrary to what others are saying, we do need a Coles or Woolworths supermarket. It has been identified in a report by Deep End Services that there is a deficiency in supermarket floorspace around Virginia Park (see page 36-37). [Virginia Park, Bentleigh East - Neighbourhood Activity Centre Retail Impact Assessment] http://dsewebapps.dse.vic.gov.au/Shared/ATSAttachment1.nsf/(attachmentopen)/F89870A1BDE36247CA25810A002DE4F9/$File/Glen+Eira+C126+Supporting+Doc+-+Virginia+Park,+Bentleigh+East,+Retail+Impact+Assessment+Exhibition+Gazetted.pdf Other considerations: Restaurants, takeaways and cafes Secondary school Childcare centre Gymnasium Better public transport links and paths for pedestrians and cyclists Height limit of 3 storeys, townhouses not apartments Usable green open spaces We need to learn a lesson from developments like Metro Village in Dandenong. There are way too many properties there now with cars parked everywhere that it is dangerous when trying to drive in or out of the estate.

  • CaFC2017-04-11 18:05:40

    I grew up in East Bentleigh and now travel each day to work near what is to be East Village. The volume of traffic that uses North Rd and East Boundary Rds has increased significantly, and I can only imagine that it will increase with development on this site. If apartments are to go on this site there must be a height limit - no more than 4 stories. We don't need more supermarkets and shops - just look at the poorly used Links Shopping Centre, South Oakleigh. The area desperately needs another high school and aged care.

  • Jade2017-03-30 21:31:49

    Keep it as commercial and industrial zone! Keep those existing business on site. A supermarket is a great idea! Like Aldi , Coles or Woolworths... maybe Costco! Some great restaurants, green grocery stores, kids party zone , aged care centre, nursing home are all welcome! No appartments or overdeveloped residential properties! North Rd and East Boundary Rd are too busy already!

  • Jade2017-03-30 18:08:30

    As a mother of two school age children, I have lived within 1 km from so call east-village. I don't see there is any need for extra public school at all. Neither primary school,nor secondary school. Stop building too many appartments around this area! Stay as it is as commercial and industrial area will benefit residents nearby.

  • Michael2017-03-15 21:25:12

    We need a 'centre of excellence' where clever and young people have the opportunity to present ideas and concepts to entrepreneurs who are willing to risk capital supporting new innovations, that will be beneficial to all Australians. Kind regards, Michael

  • koala2016-08-21 17:04:28

    We like the idea of building a small shopping centre on site, we need Coles/Woolworth sized shops on site, look at the existing poor shops around this area, it would be so much convenient if we can have bigger modern shops close by in the centre of Bentleigh East. Bring more buses into the area. Shops will create more employment opportunity to the residents near by and make everyone's life easier to both the young and old community.

  • Silverstein2016-08-02 10:33:16

    We need more educational facilities. Primary and secondary schools. we also need a local Art Center for visual and preforming art that will increase involvement of the all members of the community and bring some culture to the area. We don't need any more supermarkets - we have more then enough!

  • AdiFrisch2016-07-31 18:22:47

    The current concept design allows a very minimal space for educational facilities. In the Phase 2 community consultation there was a discussion regarding educational facilities in VP. As discussed previously, I believe (and also many others) that there will be a great need in the future (10 years or so) for an additional secondary school, and this location if perfect for it... Please continue considering this...

  • FB vivienjackman2016-07-08 12:27:09

    can it be turned into and urban forest ? with scattered development.. agreed there are enough shops so kept as an employment/education hub in a mini forest environment

  • ev_admin2016-06-15 11:58:26

    We are very appreciative of the comments below and would like to encourage everyone to get their views up on this site. We look forward to seeing everyone at the community drop in sessions on the 22nd June (6-8pm) or 25th June (2-3pm). More details can be found in the news section.

  • Noel2016-06-10 10:11:39

    Please do not forget that this development does have direct access to North Road. It may need in the future to have another set of traffic lights (Oh no, not another set of traffic lights) at the meetings of North, Crosbie Roads & Cobar Street. This would move traffic from East Boundary Road, especially those bound towards Dandy Road. It may need another set of lights to go in at the meetings of (and long over due) Murrumbeena, Leila & Crosbie Roads. I know the present Bus service would welcome lights here, for at the moment, their only easy way through is when the pedestrian lights are used or the gates are closed at Murrumbeena. But about this time next year, there way through will be harder, due to the removal of the gates. All the traffic around Bentleigh, East & Murrumbeena, will change, how? No one really knows, for there is nothing to compare this environment change, 7 (out of 9) train crossings in a right angle on two lines within 7 kilometres of the furthest apart, but with two in the middle still to happen, plus the removal of the underpass between Glenhuntly and Ormond. This is going to be a BIG change to all traffic in our area.

  • Resident BE2016-06-09 16:40:16

    In the last few years Bentleigh east residents have endured a flood of local Building permits, dramatically disrupting traffic and the peace of the area. I am vehemently against any such redevelopment on the basis that Glen Eira demonstrates a complete disregard of noise issues perpetrated on the residents. They consistently dodge noise issues hiding behind vague OHS requirements or blaming other entities who , in turn place responsibility on Council. We are constantly impacted by zeolous construction and business approvals including a major upgrade of South Road, sidewalk coffee facilities and the like which is turning a once pleasant village into a highly congested, noisy and generally awefull residential/ industrial/business zone. This level of Bureaucratic disregard and incompetence is unforgivable. I believe rate payers and taxpayers money would be better spent in disbanding these self serving, under performing Councils.

  • Noel2016-06-08 21:34:33

    Having been a resident in Bentleigh East for over 60 years, the arguments about extra people do not stack up. If 1500 people already work there, would it not make sense to let some of them live right there, less traffic movement too. Also, why not at the developers expense, build class rooms for the year 12 students (nearly 200 of them) where they can do work experience right there. This would free up room badly needed at McKinnon. It would be an extended campus as many of the Yr12 students do not attend school every day anyway. We already have traffic jams for about 30 minutes on East Boundary Road each morning and mainly at evenings. So some work does need to be done at Centre & North Roads intersections to allow traffic to flow better. Can be done, just need to think out side of the box to fix these problems now. A new bus service or alter an existing service would help every one too.

  • mjja2016-06-08 11:24:37

    A suggestion about East Boundary Road. I notice on the Master Plan you've proposed to make it a leafy streetscape - please locate the trees in a way that will leave an option open for a Light Rail Rapid Transit corridor running down the median of the road. As it has an extra-wide median, East Boundary Road is the best possible option for a cross-town Rapid Transit line running from Oakleigh to Southland. The space is wide enough for a station at East Village. On the topic of public transport, the proposal for a bus along North Drive is a big winner and will encourage employees of the precinct to use public transport instead of driving. Also it will save time for people who already use public transport, improving their work/life balance.

  • mjja2016-06-08 11:13:59

    Overall the plans as outlined look good. Just a suggestion: The real value of a mixed use development is to allow people to live within walking/cycling distance of their workplace - which reduces traffic and improves work/life balance. To capitalise on the mixed use aspect of the plan, please ensure that the types of houses built in the precinct are harmonious with the types of employment offered by the workplaces there. Eg if most of the jobs in the precinct are typically held by people with young families, build houses suitable for young families. Similarly, ensure the houses are priced to be affordable by people earning the salaries likely to be on offer in the precinct.

  • ev_admin2016-04-19 12:06:44

    Thanks for the comment below. One common theme evident in the feedback received to date has been that the industrial use on the site has reached its used-by date. In looking at opportunities for the precinct we have had a wide variety of different views on what form this may take (as summarised in the March 2016 feedback). Many respondents citing the scale of the precinct see the ability to accommodate a wide variety of uses which may include new open space areas and connections to existing open space as well as some retail amongst a mixed use community – and focused on ongoing employment opportunities in the precinct. We welcome all input as we develop the 20 year masterplan. We will soon release the design principles for the precinct and there will also be further community information sessions. These will all help determine how the precinct should look over the medium term.

  • Anti East Village Group2016-04-18 21:00:00

    We have enough retail space to service the public within the surrounding areas.It should stay as an industrial area or parkland with lake. Greedy developers looking after their own interests,not the public.We will fiercely object any development in this area

  • ev_admin2016-03-22 21:48:57

    Just an update from us - you can now view a detailed document about the proposed design principles to apply to the East Village precinct. The principles are open for your comments through to early April. Go to the "documents" section of this website.

  • ev_admin2016-03-09 05:09:39

    Thanks for all the comments to date. We have produced a summary of the feedback we have received so far from this website and the community drop-ins. You can download a copy under the "documents" section of this website.

  • longtimelocal2016-02-29 23:56:20

    The East bentleigh community cannot sustain increasing density of housing as the roads, public transport, schools, sporting and recreation facilities, open spaces and other infrastructure is inadequate to support even further increases in people living in the area. The east village area should be used for two purposes that are already needed by the already rapidly increasing current local population that of schools and sport and recreation facilities. Another secondary school area to support the existing overflowing Mckinnon & Bentleigh secondary schools would be desirable in addition to sport & recreation facilities that could be used by the school and local community - these could be both indoor and outdoor facilities. The area is particularly lacking in sufficient netball and basketball stadiums and courts with local facilities beyond capacity combined with open spaces for soccer, cricket and football which are also see local sports fields beyond capacity

  • mkg292016-02-28 22:00:43

    I went to the information session on the weekend. Among items mentioned were height limit (definitely not more than 4-5 storeys), sporting grounds and restaurants. One thing I forgot to bring up (but don't like my chances!) is regarding residential buildings. When I retire I intend to downsize, I don't need 3-4 brms and 2 living spaces, nor do I need a large backyard however I cannot find what I want. Friends are giving up and buying a 1 of 2 2 storey townhouse. I don't want that - I'm harking back to the days of units/ villas. I want a single storey free standing dwelling with a reasonable sized living area and a small backyard - enough for a pet and a bit of gardening. If residential has to happen why can't it be something like that - we already have a glut of apartments in the area. And if the government want older folks out of their large homes why not provide something new for them. Retirees want something smaller but most are not interested in 'retirement villages' until at least their mid-80's.

  • fcfc2016-02-28 03:40:50

    Very suspicious that much the same group so soon after the previous rejection are back and this time under the pretence of consultation and what's best for the community rather than their own profits.

  • richardm2016-02-23 00:19:02

    This issue of an additional school was debated by the Principals of the surrounding schools I understand and I think it was reported in the Leader that they did not see a need as their existing schools could be extended upwards to accommodate more students. Government funding will be required in either situation.

  • Bentleigheastfamily2016-01-27 07:12:44

    What we really need in the area is another PUBLIC Secondary School. Not all families want or can afford to send their children to private schools. Our only public option is Bentleigh Secondary College or if you are in the "ZONE" McKinnon. What about using some of the proposed land to build a second campus for McKinnon Secondary College? It could either be the "Senior" campus or the "Junior" campus. This would see the school evolve, grow and maintain its exceptional reputation and allow more families in the area to attend. There is already plenty of housing, especially now that people are choosing to bulldoze the beautiful Californian Bungalows to build multiple units or side by side dwellings. How about giving back something to the children of tomorrow by providing them an opportunity to attend a local school.

  • richardm2016-01-21 00:21:39

    It all appears to be a larger version of what was put forward under C126. The community concerns about creating another shopping precinct when we are served sufficiently by those around us will remain. The 20min. travel is a ploy used to convince us that there is a need. The over supply of housing that was proposed in the previous C126 will now be multiplied by the developers, which will retain an over saturation in new proposals. The traffic issues will be greater due to expansion of the area. I believe that combining the three areas is at least heading in the right direction in terms of openness but this will be a ploy to rezone the total area to maximise the previous directions outlined under C126. The building heights for Virginia Park were created quite sneakily by the Gillon Group and whilst we rate payers were not allowed to question them during C126 they remain a contentious issue to residents. One thing that needs to be addressed is the height. An overall max. of 4 to 5 stories should be applied across this area. This would allow redevelopment of a commercial / manufacturing precinct at a viable level. Without the need for residential development.

  • katem2016-01-18 10:45:33

    Whilst i have some reservations about the ultimate outcomes, I'm pleased that we will be able to make comments and be involved in the planning process

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    Draft design principle block content
    Mar - 18 - 20167:15 am|6784 views


    Want to know
    what has happened
    so far?

    During 2016 we completed four stages of consultation which culminated in the release of a draft 20-year masterplan for the precinct, reflecting community input, views and comments. Up-to-date information about the assessment and preparation of a Structure Plan can be found in the News section.

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  • 0
    Draft design principle link and picture
    Mar - 18 - 20167:13 am|3473 views


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    Have your say
    Mar - 18 - 20167:11 am|41 views

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  • 4
    How can we provide a sustainable employment hub for the 21st century?
    Dec - 10 - 20151:59 am|81 views
    Employment at the precinct is forecast to almost halve by 2018 as the industrial use of the site declines and the attractiveness of the area as a modern employment hub diminishes. What is needed to attract businesses to the area? What is the role of complementary land uses in providing an attractive environment?
    • Richard2016-01-21 00:35:10

      I see a business park environment similar to that along Springvale Rd between Ferntree Gully Rd and the freeway. With a more modern style of building limited to 3 to 5 maybe 6 stories. My concerns for height are that the overall area must not overshadow the surrounding residential zone, and that by restricting heights it keeps the focus on a business park rather than developers adding residential towers on top of them.

    • ev_admin2016-01-31 23:43:11

      It is great to see a comment on this topic. The Glen Eira Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) notes the longer term challenges associated with industrial land uses in the area and a need for a flexible approach to the precinct. It would be great to know if you have seen any mixed used developments that you think would act as a model for consideration at East Village. john@eastvillage

    • Richard2016-02-23 00:04:01

      John I mentioned it above, It has a mixture of 4 to 5 stories with smaller offices and factory type buildings. It also has a couple cafes that service the workers for lunch and breakfast. It does have a road system and also green areas between the larger buildings. It also has sufficient parking around each business for staff and visitors to park.

    • Yaron2017-03-14 23:33:32

      THIS IS A GREAT initiative!! It is about time to catch up with the entire world stop servicing cars and start to give proper 21st century service to people and to the community. Create High-tech Industrial park and technology greenhouse for startups and established organizations. Combine it with innovation and technology education facilities. Duplicate McKinnon Secondary College (and the Principle) to accommodate the demand and to copy the success. Give incentives to entrepreneurs and local companies such as KPMG Australia, Telstra, Deloitte, CISRO, or international companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Intel, SAP, Facebook or others to build here their APAC development and support centers. Combine it with green sustainable environment, extend Duncan Mackinnon Reserve over North road and get the people or traffic over or under. There are abundant skilled people in the area that will give up the trip to the CBD.. and will be happy to use push bike normal bicycles or walk... to work. Provide services to support the precinct such as underground parking, Shopping center, Supermarkets, Banks, Kindergartens, sports entertainment and leisure centers, Train station!! Make an Aussie icon for innovation creativity and excellence! (This goes well with The Federal Government Innovation statement btw...) EAST BENTLEIGH SILICON VALLEY!

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  • 2
    What changing demographic needs of the area should be considered in the future use of the precinct?
    Dec - 10 - 20151:57 am|44 views
    The next 20 years will see steady but significant changes in the demographic make-up of Bentleigh East.  The population is forecast to age with different  housing types needed for residents to stay in the area.  How relevant are the future population needs of the area and how should the site be planned to accommodate these?
    • ev_admin2016-01-31 23:50:57

      Thanks for visiting this discussion topic. Later this month the project owners will be holding a series of community forums where we will unpack the important demographic trends to help the discussion. Do you have any questions you would like us to prepare for? john@eastvillage

    • Richard2016-02-23 00:12:02

      The demographics will change as the surrounding houses are becoming dual town house developments. This surrounding area allow more people into the area. It will most likely house the future staff who will work within any new commercial businesses. I for one do not see a need for residential additions within an employment hub. Previous proposals were over saturating the area. New commercial buildings with parking and small service shops to cater for food and drink will bring business.

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  • 1
    What design principles should be considered in a 20 year masterplan for the precinct?
    Dec - 10 - 20151:52 am|32 views
    Four preliminary design principles have been proposed by the project owners: provide a sustainable employment hub for the 21st century, connect new and existing communities through public space, provide for mixed land uses to meet changing demographic need, and provide better interfaces between the site and the surrounding community. What are your views on these and what other design principles would you like to see?
    • ev_admin2016-01-31 23:51:25

      If you are visiting this comment page we would really appreciate your views on what you would like to see featured in a long term masterplan for the site. Initial feedback suggests that parts of the site should be opened up to the community through the introduction of uses accessible to all and enhancing the precinct to attract new ‘breed’ of businesses into the area. This phase of getting input and feedback will continue throughout February. john@eastvillage

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